TEDxPhiladelphia. Credit: Contributed. TEDxPhiladelphia. Credit: Contributed.

After Nikki Adeli was the victim of bullying in an inner-city elementary school, her older sister parked Nikki in front of the computer and pulled up a TED Talk presented by Pamela Meyer in July 2011 titled, "How to spot a liar."

"I was so confused about why would people lie and ... spread rumors," Adeli, 17, a first-generation American and junior at the Science Leadership Academy said Wednesday. "And after I watched that, I was really inspired."


She was hooked, inhaling several of the 15- to 20-minute videos a day.

And now, she wants to be a conduit to hook others.

On Friday, Philadelphia will host its third official TEDxPhiladelphia conference at the Baptist Temple on Temple University’s campus.

An offspring of the now infamous TED talks, which were established as global conferences that shared innovative ideas in technology, entertainment and design in short presentations, TEDx emphasizes local leaders discussing ideas for local transformation.

The city hosted TEDx talks in 2010, which adopted the theme of “Right Here, Right Now,” and in 2011, which championed the theme “The City.”

This year's theme: “The New Workshop of the World.”

“From the 1860s through the early 1970s, Philadelphia was known by the well-earned moniker, ‘Workshop of the World,’” according to its website. “Now it’s re-emerging as a home for makers, entrepreneurs, artists, and a dizzying array of thinkers and doers."

Nikki, the youngest speaker ever at a TEDxPhilly event, said her speech will touch on "the student voice in the classroom, and how there is a lack of real-world application."


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