Was Mayor 'intimidated' by teenager into declaring a snow day?

A snow day was the object of teenagers Twitter demands over the weekend.

Twitter high school kid threatens A Twitter user threatened Mayor Nutter to demand a snow day. Credit: Twitter


Children love snow days and will do anything to get them -- including issuing Twitter threats.


As snow fell heavily Sunday, snarling traffic and causing many accidents, Michael Nutter's Twitter account issued the following announcement regarding the status of schools on Monday: "All weather/road conditions continue to be evaluated thru the nite related to schools, we'll continue to update for safety thru the morning."


In response, a Twitter user, U_Wanna_Get_Creased?, who appears to be a high school student, directed the following tweet at the Mayor's Twitter account:


"stfu and just close the schools before you get creased."

The tweet ended up on Reddit.

According to the Urban Dictionary, getting "creased" can mean falling over from laughter, from intoxication, or from getting punched into unconsciousness.

U_Wanna_Get_Creased's threat was one of a torrent of tweets directed at the Mayor's Twitter account from students demanding that he cancel school.

Students had to report to schools Monday morning, but all public and parochial schools were closed in Philadelphia on Tuesday after another snowstorm.


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