Map of the Temple Police extended coverage. Credit: Temple Police Map of the Temple Police's extended coverage. Credit: Temple Police

In response to several violent attacks a few blocks off Temple University's main campus, the university, for the first time, has expanded its police force's patrol zone.

Charles Leone, executive director of Temple's Campus Safety Services, said Wednesday that police are extending its western border boundary to include 18th Street. It's previous patrol area cut-off at 16th Street.


In what equates to a large box that fits around the campus and the outlinging North Philadelphia area, police will patrol between 18th and 9th street, and from Susquehanna Avenue to Jefferson Street.

The first-ever expansion comes five months after a group of teens beat a 19-year-old student with a brick and attacked two others.

These incidents, Leone said, "Certainly moved up the timeline" of the expansion.

In the last few years Temple has seen an influx of young students who are choosing to live near the North Philadelphia campus. And as the students spread out further into the outlying neighborhoods, the university police squad needs to adjust.

"It's definitely been exponential growth in the past short years here, especially on that west side of Broad Street," he said.

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