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A 19-year-old female Temple student struck in the face with a brick by an assailant on Friday is recovering and planning to return to college soon.

The student and her boyfriend were approached by a group of girls and boys, reportedly ranging in age from 8 to 14, at 16th and Norris streets, according to

After following them to 17th and Norris streets while shouting at the couple, one female member of the group reportedly hit the victim in the face with her hand.


As the victim's boyfriend pushed that female away, another came up and hit the girl in the face twice with a brick, once in the face and once in the side of the head.

The victim suffered dislocated teeth and a fractured jaw, and was brought to Hahnemann University Hospital where her teeth were re-aligned. She is in recovery and can only consume food through a straw.

The victim plans to return to classes at Temple, she said.

Police said they have are investigating and have no updates at this time.

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