Authorities are looking for the person who left a dog on the side of the road in Weatherford, Texas with gashes up to five inches long covering its body. The animal's mouth was bound with electrical tape.

The dog, Hope, was reportedly unable to eat, drink or pant for multiple days.

A resident in Texas called police Monday morning to report that an injured pug-mixed breed was wandering the streets near Weatherford, according to the Parker County Sheriff’s Department.

Hope’s attacker had pulled out her tongue before taping her mouth shut, and a veterinarian was almost forced to amputate the 3-year-old dog’s tongue due to the amount of swelling. The abuser also gashed Hope’s body with some sort of blade, leaving five deep cuts. It took 100 stitches to close all her wounds.

But Hope is on the mend as she recovers in a Texas veterinary clinic.

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