Hey blowholes!

The entire cast and crew of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Nickelodeon’s 90's masterpiece, will reunite for the first time ever in New York City on Feb. 24 at the Bowery Ballroom.

Tickets went on sale today at noon, and guess what? It’s already too late to get tickets.

The show, organized by the A.V. Club, sold out in 5 minutes.


For just $15, some lucky New Yorkers are going to meet the whole Wrigley clan; the Petes, Ellen, Mom, Dad and even Artie, the Strongest Man in the World.

Creators Chris Viscardi and Will McRobb and writer and director Katherine Dieckmann will also be on hand to answer questions, like why was the best show ever canceled?

"I just wanted to change the world, but after a whole year of trying,
the only thing I changed was my underpants."
--Little Pete Wrigley

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