We’ve made a great deal of progress bringing our city back from the dark days we faced in 2001.


Against all the odds, we’ve cut crime by 35 percent. We’ve turned around a broken school system and raised high school graduation rates by more than 20 percent. We’ve added hundreds of acres of new parkland, and we’ve taken up the battle against climate change and air pollution.


I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together, but I’m asking for your vote because I believe the next four years can be even better. In many elections, candidates spend more time attacking their opponent than talking about what they will do.


If I have the honor of serving as mayor for four more years, here’s what I will do:
We will make New York — already the safest big city in the country — even safer, by taking more guns off the street.


We will create — far and away — the best school system of any big city in the nation, by opening 100 new charter schools so we can give parents more choices, and by continuing to hold students, teachers and principals accountable for success.

We will complete the largest affordable housing program in the country, by creating or preserving affordable homes for nearly 500,000 New Yorkers in all five boroughs, from the South Bronx to East New York.

We will implement the most comprehensive job creation strategy in the country, by helping more small businesses open and grow and investing in more job training and education.

We will make New York the greenest, most environmentally friendly city in the country, by turning more of our waterfront into parks, cutting the city’s carbon emissions, and expanding mass transit.

We will achieve the biggest public health gains in the country, by helping more smokers quit, expanding free cancer screenings, and helping more New Yorkers manage their cholesterol and blood pressure.

We will extend our lead as the most immigrant-friendly city in the nation, by helping more immigrants stay here legally — and by fighting for comprehensive immigration reform in Washington.

We will do all of this by living within our means, not by spending money we don’t have — if we continue to make government more effective and efficient, which we will.

We’ve got a lot of work to do, but by working together, I know we can do it.

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