Cynthia Sumner was so sure she would be the raffle winner that she framed photos of the prizes — a $1 million house and a Mercedes Benz.

Now, she’s fighting to get back her $100 — stolen, said Nassau County prosecutors, by a North Babylon man in an expensive scam.

Scott Cicerone, 32, was charged yesterday with fraud and 21 counts of petty larceny. He sold Long Islanders thousands of $50 tickets last year for a massive Massapequa house he never raffled off, prosecutors said.

Instead of drawing a winner, Cicerone spent more than $100,000 on Mercedes Benz car payments and flying to Miami, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He faces up to four years in prison.

Sumner, 49, a Freeport resident and high school math teacher, bought two tickets online after seeing Cicerone on the news.

“He said he was going to make someone’s dreams come true,” she said. “Well, this is a nightmare.”

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