Everyone has heard him coming down the streets of Boston at some time in their lives.

He is the famous "tricycle guy" in the Hub who takes to the streets on his trike with an empty back carriage trailing behind him.

No one knows why he does it, but a team of local filmmakers went out to try and discover who the man on the the three-wheeler is.

In an eight-minute YouTube video, in 2008 the crew interviewed and followed the well known tricycle-yeller and talked to the shop workers that do free fixes on his bike at Back Bay Bicycles.


“Louie Evans has become a Boston legend by riding around the city on his tricycle and yelling what some people call a "siren noise,” said the movie-makers in the description about Evans.

Evans takes time to explain why he loves to ride around the city, and why he makes that "siren noise" as he passes by pedestrians.

The mini-film “outlines the mysterious 'trike rider's life as a dedicated bicyclist and as a

compassionate, misunderstood person.”

Directed by Brian Moore

Edited by Neight Brescia

Produced by Minting Zhao

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