The most adorable Occupy Wall Street protester has been spotted: meet Hazelnut, a 10-week old squirrel.

She’s the pet of Danielle Digirolamo, a 23-year old from Connecticut who has been camped out at Zuccotti Park for the past three days.

“Everyone here just loves her so much,” Digirolamo said.

During Hurricane Irene, Hazelnut fell out of a tree and broke her leg. Digirolamo rescued her and nursed her back to health, but the two bonded and have been together since.


Hazelnut goes wherever Digirolamo goes — marching with protesters against Wall Street greed — but she is more often than not found snuggling on Digirolamo’s shoulder on a tiny twine leash made for the baby squirrel.

“She has her own basket, but she usually cuddles with me,” Digirolamo said. “Last night she slept in a helmet!”

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