frankford Wilmrath Park in Frankord. Credit: Charles Mostoller / Metro

Have you ever wondered how your neighborhood got its name?

Local linguist Arika Okrent recently wrote a fascinating study into the meanings of the names of different Philadelphia neighborhoods for Mental Floss.

Some neighborhoods are named after people or for functional reasons. Many are adapted from the Native American language. Many of them have been demarcated as neighborhoods for centuries.


Kingsessing, Okrent writes, "got its name from the Lenape word for 'place where there is a meadow.'"

Regarding Strawberry Mansion, Okrent writes that the name "was the name acquired in the 1870s by a grand house (formerly called Summerville) in Fairmount Park that later became a popular restaurant. There may have been a signature dish of strawberries and cream involved."

Wissinoming, another Lenape word, means "place where the grapes grow."

Okrent is the author of "In the Land of Inverted Languages." Read her full piece and find your neighborhood at Mental Floss.

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