The Thunderbolt, new Coney Island roller coaster, by the numbers

Reaching speeds of 55 miles per hour, the new Thunderbolt roller coaster is expected to open early June in Coney Island's Luna Park.



For the first time since 1927, Coney Island is getting a new custom roller coaster.


Sitting in the same spot as the original wooden Thunderbolt, the new Thunderbolt is expected to open early June in Luna Park.


The ride begins with a 90-degree vertical drop and a 100-foot vertical loop, sending thrill-seekers through corkscrews, a zero-g roll and a heartline dive.

Here's a look at the new coaster by the numbers:

Top speed: 55 miles per hour

Top Height: 115 feet

Coaster dimensions: 48 feet wide, 800 feet long

Feet of track: 2,233

Ride length: about two minutes

Cost to ride: $10

Cost to build: $9 million

Number of inversions: 5

Vertical g-force riders will feel: 5 (Apollo 16 reentry was a little more than 7 g)

How tall you must be to ride: 48 inches

Number of passengers: 27 (three cars, nine to a car and three riders to a row)

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