For the first time since 1927, Coney Island is getting a new custom roller coaster.

Sitting in the same spot as the original wooden Thunderbolt, the new Thunderbolt is expected to open early June in Luna Park.


The ride begins with a 90-degree vertical drop and a 100-foot vertical loop, sending thrill-seekers through corkscrews, a zero-g roll and a heartline dive.

Here's a look at the new coaster by the numbers:

Top speed: 55 miles per hour

Top Height: 115 feet

Coaster dimensions: 48 feet wide, 800 feet long

Feet of track: 2,233

Ride length: about two minutes

Cost to ride: $10

Cost to build: $9 million

Number of inversions: 5

Vertical g-force riders will feel: 5 (Apollo 16 reentry was a little more than 7 g)

How tall you must be to ride: 48 inches

Number of passengers: 27 (three cars, nine to a car and three riders to a row)

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