tips for jesus One Nomad waiter received a $7,000 tip on Dec. 7.
Credit: Instagram / tipsforjesus

A few New York City waiters were in for a real treat when the "Tips for Jesus" mystery benefactor arrived in town. Lucky Lucas, a server at the NoMad, received a whopping $7,000 tip for a check of $2994.61. Lucas wasn't the only one to get a nice holiday bonus: At least two other waiters were rewarded handsomely for their service last week.


Andrew T., a server at the Upper West Side outpost of the Smith, got a $3,500 tip - nearly nine times the bill of $391.95. And Aruj Dhawan of Bo's Kitchen was ecstatic to receive a tip of $1000 for a bill of $111.05. Dhawan told the New York Post, “A stranger comes in and drops a thousand dollars ... I was just really thankful.


"Tips for Jesus" has an Instagram account, where it posts photos of the random acts of kindness. Though it is unconfirmed, rumor has it that the mystery tipper, who stamps receipts with "@tipsforjesus" and scrawls notes like, "God bless!" is Jack Selby, former Vice President of PayPal. Dhawan told the Post that the generous tipper who left him $1000 was indeed Selby. He said as he was about to drop the check off, one of the customers at the table in question said he would "make [his] night." "Tips for Jesus" not only made Dhawan's night, but everyone else's at the restaurant: The staff pools its tips.


The Instagram page for "Tips for Jesus" states simply, "Doing the Lord's work, one tip at a time." The project began about three months ago and has made its way through Michigan, Utah, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, to name a few.


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