TNT says it knows drama and the cable network sees the potential for drama in the Boston Police Department's gang unit.


The unit - officially known as the Youth Violence Strike Force - will be the subject of a reality drama produced by local boy Donnie Wahlberg, the network recently announced.


The show's working title is "Boston Blue." It was described as a "police procedural docu-drama."


"Boston Blue follows the men and women of the Boston Police Department’s exclusive and highly decorated Gang Unit. Their unit’s name doesn’t begin to describe the breadth of crimes these detectives, investigators, patrol officers and special victims officers deal with on a daily basis. They are the go-to unit for many large-scale crimes in Boston," the network said Friday in its announcement about new television shows.


It is not the first time on the small screen for the gang unit. The unit has been featured on "America's Most Wanted," ABC's "Boston 24/7" and Spike TV's "Boston PD."


TNT ordered eight episodes of the series that it plans to air next year.