Toxics Action Center names five Mass. plants in "Dirty Dozen" polluter list

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The Toxics Action Center, a New England-based pollution watchdog group, released its "Dirty Dozen Awards" today, naming five Massachusetts plants as environmentally irresponsible.


This is the 25th year of the Toxics Action Center profiling the region’s most notorious pollution threats. Today the group released a report, called" 25 Years of the Dirty Dozen: Past and Current Pollution Threats in New England."


The "Dirty Dozen:"


1. Advanced Disposal – Moretown, VT & South Hadley, MA

2. Brayton Point Coal Plant – Somerset, MA

3. Casella Waste – Scarborough & Old Town, ME

4. Central Landfill – Johnston, RI

5. Connecticut Environmental Council – Marlborough, CT

6. Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority- Hartford, CT

7. Entergy Nuclear – Vernon, VT & Plymouth, MA

8. General Electric – Pittsfield, MA

9. New Bedford Harbor and Parker Street Waste Site –

New Bedford, MA

10. Public Service of New Hampshire Coal Plants–

Bow, NH & Portsmouth, NH

11. Raymark Superfund Site– Stratford, CT

12. Tar Sands Pipeline– South Portland, ME


The report highlights what the Toxics Action Center calls twelve "bad actors," or the region’s worst pollution offenders. Some have previously received a Dirty Dozen Award, according to the report, and have failed to make substantial improvements to their pollution problems, while others are newer threats.

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