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Track deaths decrease to date

Fatalities on MBTA train tracks, especially the Commuter Rail, are down since last year.

The number of fatalities on the MBTA tracks has toppled since last year, and T officials have slightly tipped their hat towards its Operation Lifesaver program.

“The program certainly contributes to an increased awareness of the dangers and risks associated with trespassing on active railroad rights-of-way,” according to MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo.

Operation Lifesaver is a nationwide non-profit public awareness program that sends thousands of volunteers to deliver a safety message to young people, business leaders, schoolteachers, professional truck drivers and school bus drivers.

The program also works to educate the public about being a pedestrian near open tracks.

2010 – Calendar Year

Commuter Rail South – 9

Commuter Rail North – 5

Heavy Rail – 4

Light Rail – 1

2011 – Year to Date

Commuter Rail South – 3

Commuter Rail North – 2

Heavy Rail – 3

Light Rail – 0

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