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Travel is ‘Uber’ convenient during Red Line closures

‘Uber’ is on the move and offering customers a free ride in their luxuryvehicles on the weekends while Red Line trains are shut down forrepairs.

‘Uber’ is on the move and offering customers a free ride in their luxury vehicles for the first two weekends while the Red Line trains are shut down for repairs.

The “one-touch” livery service saw the closures as a chance to get the bar-hopping public around town without having to hail a taxi or rely on the T’s shuttle replacements.

“Catching a cab in Boston can suck,” said Nick Mathews, a community manager for Uber. “We want to extend service to everyone who will be affected.”

Mathews said the company is offering first-time users a one-time free ride in a restricted area around the Red Line on Saturdays and Sundays.

“The idea is if you get picked up or dropped off in that area, that’s when we apply the discount,” he said.

The service uses “sleek, black Lincoln Town Cars” with leather interiors and licensed limousine drivers.

Using a phone app, Uber tells you where the closest cars are. By plugging in your destination and where to pick you up, one of 25 drivers will arrive with the push of a button.

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