MBTA General Manager Jonathan Davis said yesterday the driver of a Green Line trolley that slammed into the back of a stationary train at Boylston Station Thursday was "solely responsible" for the crash.

As a result, the driver was fired, and according to Davis, he will "never operate another MBTA vehicle again."

"It’s clear that this individual did not have a sufficient rest period before operating a Green Line passenger trolley," Davis said yesterday at a media briefing at the state transportation building.

"Because of his alarming disregard for customer and employee safety in performing his duty as a Green Line operator today he was fired."


The MBTA's investigation into the cause of the crash showed that the driver failed to follow the T's "rules and policies regarding fitness for duty, and because of his failure he caused a collision that resulted in injury to multiple customers, employees and damage to MBTA property – over $500,000."

Davis would not name the driver or say what his second job was, calling those facts "irrelevant," but said it required him to work from midnight until 8 a.m. the night before the accident.

The colission not only injured passengers who were thrown during impact, but cost the already struggling transit agency $500,000 in damages.

It is unclear whether the driver fell asleep behind the wheel.

When pressed, Davis said he did not want to speculate, but that the driver was "disregarding his duties."

The driver told transit officials that he slept between 8 a.m. and his 11 a.m. MBTA shift, but Davis said investigators were hesitant to believe him considering the short turnaround.

At the end of Davis' announcement, he had a message for all MBTA customers: "I want to remind our customers that the system is safe. I ride the system every day, and as part of my journey home tonight, I’ll be taking the Green Line."

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