After last winter’s constant stream of snow storms, which created hazardous walking conditions, city and state officials are already trying to weather the far-off, but guaranteed storms.

Members of the Boston City Council discussed snow removal during a hearing yesterday, which included representatives from various agencies responsible for plowing the roadways throughout the city.

“There are always areas of jurisdictional doubt, certain areas where it’s a question of who is in charge,” said Councilor Matt O’Malley.

That was one of the major issues of yesterday’s hearing — which agency would take responsibility for cleaning certain areas that are on the boundaries of their snow clearing jurisdictions.


While the agency leaders said they would meet before winter to work out the “gray areas” that may get overlooked for clearing, the frustration of the issue became visible when residents asked about certain pathways.

One resident asked city leaders about a bridge leading to a West Roxbury school that was never plowed and handed them a map of the bridge.

After a few nonspecific answers, a frustrated city official spoke up.

“I’ll ... find out who owns the bridge. The bridge will get done this year,” said city Transportation Commissioner Thomas Tinlin.

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