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Twitter games continue as students move in

Yesterdays Freshman Advice hashtag game is still going strong, but now locals are placing bets on who will get a moving truck stuck on Storrow Drive.

What started as a hashtag game giving incoming freshman some odd advice about Boston, called #BosFroshAdvice, has turned into a pool betting on what time a student will get a moving truck stuck under a bridge on Storrow Drive.

Today, Sept. 1, the Twitter-verse is blowing up with time estimates as to when an unsuspecting student traversing the Storrow area for the first time with an over-sized vehicle will get jammed underneath an over-passing roadway and clog traffic for the rest of the new comers.

Get on #storrowpool and place your bets.

Here are some of the more humorous tweets of the day:

@Pflanns: Happy move in day. I had 9:38 in the #storrowpool so I'm out.

@percenttwenty: 2:22pm. it's gonna have to happen before the Sox-Yankees traffic picks up. #storrowpool

@MHCranberry: Bostonians: place your bets now with @universalhub on the time of the first u-haul to get stuck in a Storrow underpass. #storrowpool

@NERoadways: we're watching the bridges closely. it's just a matter of time. #storrowpool

@BostonAbrams: if local tv stations were smart, they would set up cameras at the underpasses. guaranteed footage. #storrowpool

BlueCoyote25: My guess for #storrowpool is 3:23 pm, has to be one of those late starter slackers, now rushed and thinks the signs are suggestions

@amydeveau: When a uhaul will hit a bridge on storrow. Happens EVERY YEAR!

@Jennyerin: I'd say late in the day, when fools are desperate to get it done and also not paying attention. And possibly drunk. 6:00pm #storrowpool

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