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City officials caught two city employees with their hands in the dumpster.

A locksmith for the School District of Philadelphia and a Streets Department employee both with more than 20 years of service were caught separately stealing and reselling pieces of city-owned scrap metal.


City Controller Alan Butkovitz said the locksmith, who drove a district-issued vehicle to haul the scrap metal to the recycler while he was on the clock, profited $1,747 over two years.

“This employee was storing scrap metal that was left from various jobs," Butkovitz said, "and taking it to the recycler and pocketing the money."

The Streets Department worker, who was caught on surveillance video lifting pieces from public property, made $850 over four months.

"The items were large enough that the employee had to use a forklift to transfer the metal through the city-owned facility and into his personal trailer,” Butkovitz said.

He declined to name the workers, however, he did say the two departments will act swiftly.

According to the City’s Charter, all city-owned property must be disposed of through the city’s Procurement Department.

The city has contracts in place with area recyclers.

Butkovitz added: "Taking something that's not yours is stealing."


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