Two men were arrested during an Occupy Philly protest after they, along with several other protesters, pulled down the metal construction fence surrounding Dilworth Plaza.

The rally began at LOVE Park at 7 p.m. yesterday to show solidarity with Occupy Oakland protesters, who had faced mass arrests Saturday of over 400 people, and to protest today's groundbreaking of Dilworth Plaza, police said.

A group of about 125 people gathered and began to march down various streets around 7:30 p.m., often walking against the flow of traffic, police said.

As the group approached City Hall, police allegedly saw Caleb Gallus, 27, of the 6600 block of Lotus Road in Overbrook, shaking the construction fence at the east portal.


Gallus and other protesters then marched around to the north side of City Hall, police said, where he was joined by Adan Stevens, 28, of the 300 block of East Elwood Street in Germantown, and the two again allegedly shook the fence. As the two continued to march around City Hall, officers saw them pulling down construction signs, according to police.

An officer allegedly heard Stevens began to chant, "Tear down the fence, tear down the fence," then heard Gallus tell the crowd, "There are only three cops over here, they can't stop us," according to police.

Police said the crowd then began to chant, "Re-occupy Dilworth," and the defendants, along with eight to 10 other protesters, pulled down the construction fence surrounding Dilworth Plaza entirely. The fence itself was unharmed, but the tie wires holding it together were damaged. The monetary amount of the damage is unknown at this time, police said.

The defendants, along with about 25 other protesters entered Dilworth Plaza, but left when additional police personnel and marked units showed up, according to police. No damage was reported inside the Plaza.

Police said Stevens was taken into custody while allegedly pulling down an informational sign. Gallus was also arrested and both were taken to Central Detectives to be processed.

The crowd then began to march back toward LOVE Park, police said.

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