A ban prohibiting students from wearing UGG-style boots took effect today at a suburban Philadelphia school.

Students at Pottstown Middle School in Pottstown, about 40 miles outside of Philadelphia, will not be allowed to wear the popular, comfortable footwear to class because officials claim they have had trouble with students concealing prohibited items, namely cell phones, in the boots.

Principal Gail Cooper notified parents in a letter last week, although it did not specify what items were being concealed.

"Students may continue to wear outdoor boots to and from school to protect them from cold, snow and ice but need to change into a pair of sneakers or shoes before entering homeroom. Students may also continue to wear lace up, tight at the ankle, boots, shoes and high top sneakers,” Cooper wrote in the letter.


John Armato, community relations director of the Pottstown School District, compared the policy to allowing students to wear coats to and from school, but being required to take them off in the building.

Students caught violating the rule will be punished in line with other violations of the student code.

As expected, the school has received plenty of negative feedback to the policy, according to the Pottstown Mercury, but school officials insisted they would not back down, citing support from some parents.

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