An MBTA spokesman said a Blue Line operator whose job was held for him under the wrong pretense has been suspended without pay.


"The suspension remains in effect while MBTA management decides whether additional disciplinary measures are warranted," MBTA Spokesman Joe Pesaturo said Monday.


Blue Line operator Edward Demase called out sick while doing a three-month stint in Middleton House of Correction last year for domestic abuse after a jury last February convicted him of assault and battery of his wife, according to a recent report by WCVB.


When Demase was released from prison, he returned to his job at the agency, which was under the impression he was out on sick leave.


When asked whether the MBTA was aware that Demase was actually in prison while his job was held, Pesaturo said, "During the period he was out of work, he provided medical documentation to explain his absence."


Pesaturo said the agency was unaware of the assault and battery charges, and that the suspension took place Friday. The agency did not release information on when, or how, it discovered the discrepancy.