Screenshot 2013-10-21 13.37.44 Transit Police are searching for Douglas Bergeron, 32. Credit: TPD

(Update) Police said they arrested the man who allegedly attacked a MBTA bus driver in Chelsea on Oct. 13, causing a multi-vehicle car crash.Douglas Bergeron, 32, was in the custody of Malden Police Monday afternoon, according to a T spokesman.

On Friday, a warrant was issued out of Chelsea District Court for Bergeron, who is facing charges ofassault and battery on a public employee and interfering with public transportation.


Transit Police believe Bergeron is the suspect seen on surveillance video chastising the driver while the bus is in motion. He allegedly made physical contact with the driver while the bus was in motion, causing it to “veer into a legally parked car which set off a chain reaction involving two additional vehicles,” police said.

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