amtrak file photo train A Boston-bound Amtrak train derailed Monday morning when it struck a car and killed its two occupants.
Credit: Getty Images


Police on Wednesday identified two of the three people killed Monday when an Amtrak train struck an SUV that was on the tracks in Mansfield.


Zachary Keene, 26, of Raynham, and David Curry, 28, of Foxborough, were two of the victims, police said. The third victim, a woman reportedly from North Attleboro, was not identified.



The crash happened around midnight when the train, which originated in Washington, D.C., slammed into the SUV, which was inexplicably located on the tracks.


Police had originally reported two were killed, butlater said they had found a third victim.

The vehicle was apparently driving on the tracks when it was hit, police said, though it is still unclear how the vehicle got onto the tracks and why.

At 7:11 a.m., Amtrak announced on Twitterthat service was restored between Boston and Providence following a police investigation.

The temporary track closure affected service at South Station, Back Bay Station and Route 128 Station.

None of the 180 passengers or crew on board the train were injured.

“What we have is a very large crime scene, we have a very long extended investigation ahead of us, and we really can’t get into it too much beyond that point,” Mansfield police chief Ron Sellon said at a Monday morning press conference.

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