Urban Outfitters has achieved success in part by projecting a hip, edgy vibe. So it only makes sense that the retailer would up the ante when opening a new store in the Brooklyn neighborhood that claims to have invented hip and edgy.

As part of its first foray into Williamsburg, Urban Outfitters is seeking a liquor license, raising eyebrows in a neighborhood that still isn't sold on its arrival in the first place.


The company filed its application with Community Board 1 for its new branch currently under construction on North Sixth Street. The application is slated for review on Oct. 3.

“I can’t think of a circumstance for which it would be appropriate for Urban Outfitters to have a liquor license,” City Councilman Stephen Levine told The Daily News. “We must ask ourselves, ‘Do we really want people drunk when they are buying their skinny jeans and ironic T-shirts?’"

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