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VIDEO: Cabbie goes "crazy" with Bed-Stuy fare

Two women say a hack attacked them after they asked to go to Brooklyn.<br />

Meet one cabbie who really doesn't like to leave Manhattan. Two women say a cabbie attacked them and tried to forcibly drag them out of the cab after they asked to be driven home to Bedford-Stuyvesant Sunday afternoon.

New York Post released this video today of a cabbie opening the back
door of his cab and trying to get the two women to leave. Shockingly, he even grabbed at their legs to try and drag them out of the car.

two female passengers, both 31, told the Post that the “scary” event
included the cabbie swerving through the streets after they told him he
was required by law to take them to the outer borough. After he was unable to drag them out of the cab, he began begging other cabbies to take the

“He just went crazy,” one passenger said.

The TLC is investigating the event.

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