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VIDEO: Can you identify with 'Sh*t New Yorkers Say'?

You tell us -- Is this really sh*t New Yorkers say?

The lasted viral video has breathed new life into the "Sh*t (insert stereotype) Say" phenomenon as a New York-centric meme hit the web Wednesday night.

In "Sh*t New Yorkers Say," two city dwellers gripe about the subway, compare restaurant reviews and delight, if only for a brief moment, in celebrity sightings.

The video has drawn both sweeping praise and criticism over some of its snotty remarks regarding Queens, Magnolia and The New York Post. Some commenters say the video should instead be called "Sh*t Hipsters Say" or "Sh*t Transplants Say."

This reporter was not born in NYC and therefore will not make the fatal mistake of attempting to critique whether or not this really is "sh*t" real New Yorkers do, in fact, say.

However, we think it's safe to declare that the video is dead-on when it comes to three words we've heard all New Yorkers utter: "I hate tourists."

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