On Face the Nation Saturday morning, host Bob Schieffer tried to get Senator Charles Schumer to talk about his former protegé, Anthony Weiner—to no avail, as the Senator stood firm in his refusal to touch the topic.

As Schieffer began his question, the senator listened intently, frowning, but at the mention of Weiner's name, Schumer smiled.

In his question on "this New York mayor's race," the pundit referred to Weiner as the former congressman"who left the Congress in disgrace after he published some rather suggestive pictures of himself."

Schieffer asked if Schumer would support Weiner, to which a suddenly smiling Schumer replied,"I'm not commenting on the mayor's race or on Anthony Weiner's race."


Schieffer persisted, asking, "Do you think he ought not to run?"

But Schumer stood firm, maintaining, "I'm not commenting, Bob," his smile widening slightly.

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