Fifteen students were arrested at Baruch College when they crashed a CUNY Board of Trustees meeting last night.

The students were angry over a planned tuition hike at CUNY and stormed the meeting, held on the Baruch College campus in the Flatiron District. The students refused to leave the room when asked, and move into an overflow space, according to CUNY officials. Instead, they surged into the lobby of the building and again refused to leave, said officials.

The CUNY Board will vote Monday on a planned tuition hike of $300 a year for the next four years.

Right now, CUNY students pay about $5,100 a year for undergraduate tuition.


The students were forced out of the building by CUNY security officers and charged with disorderly conduct and rioting, according to reports.

The CUNY students acted independently of the Occupy Wall Street movement, although NYU and New School students met for a rally yesterday at Madison Square Park in support of CUNY students.

The video below, posted by Michael Alexander Gould-Wartofsky, shows the police/students clash.

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