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VIDEO: De Blasio debuts on 'Colbert Report' after Twitter tease

The Twitter chat between the comedian and the mayor spilled over into T.V. on Thursday when de Blasio made his debut on "The Colbert Report."

The Twitter chat between comedian Stephen Colbert and Mayor Bill de Blasio spilled over into late night television on Thursday when de Blasio made his debut on "The Colbert Report."


The Comedy Central host introduced the "Tale of Two Cities" mayor as New York's "most important non-Trump" resident before launching into a truthy series of questions about why de Blasio wants to take New York back to the 1980s of squeegee men and leg warmers.

"The leg warmers weren't so bad," de Blasio said with an open-mouth smile before laying out his progressive vision.

"You mean socialist. Progressive means socialist," Colbert quipped before digging to find out if de Blasio was a socialist or not after raising money for the Nicaragua's Sandinista government.

"We can't continue with a divided society," de Blasio said as he discussed income inequality.

When the conversation turned to universal prekindergarten, Colbert questioned why rich guys need to pay for freeloading miscreants who want nap time and juice boxes.

"Those four year olds are not yet in the work force," de Blasio said to laughs from the live audience.

Three days before a potential strike by LIRR workers, Colbert asked Mayor Bill de Blasio what he would do to prevent the strike Sunday.

"The Long Island Rail road is under the jurisdiction of Governor Cuomo," said de Blasio, who's planning to go on a 10-day family vacation to Italy on Friday. "I'm hopeful there will a resolution."

The faux pundit jabbed back.

"Not my problem! Not my problem!" taunted Colbert. "Bring me the bowl, bring me the bowl that Pontius Pilate may wash his hands!"

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