de blasio new york rangers la kings garcetti jimmy kimmel Mayor Bill de Blasio gracefully concedes his loss to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti by singing "I Love LA" on Monday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
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Mayor Bill de Blasio put his money where his mouth is, and threw in a little ditty while he was at it.



After the New York Rangers' painful loss at last Friday's Stanley Cup Finals to the Los Angeles Kings, the New York mayor paid off his debt to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti by singing an ode to the City of Angels.


De Blasio made his singing debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live late Monday, with Kings players and Garcetti on the couch as the host introduced de Blasio.


"Jimmy, I always wanted to meet you but not like this, man," de Blasio said, gesticulating while wearing a "I Love LA" T-shirt and grey suit pants from ABC studios in New York.

He admitted to having "not that great" of a singing voice, which were offset with backing vocals by kids from Manhattan youth theater program the 52nd Street Project.

The mayor jumped straight into song with his best off-key, off-pitch rendition of Randy Newman's "I Love LA" complete with rehearsed hand movements.

After some rousing applause, Kimmel ribbed de Blasio some more.

"Mayor de Blasio, you look like a counselor a the worst camp ever," Kimmel said, eliciting laughs from the kids.

"Jimmy this is a hostage situation, but I did my best," de Blasio responded.

The bet wasn't quite complete until de Blasio gave the cue for Gray's Papaya hot dogs for the studio audience. Garcetti declined the concession dog, opting instead for his own local hot dog.

Still, de Blasio did manage to get the last word.

"Wait a minute, Garcetti — this ain't over," de Blasio cautioned. "You better practice your Sinatra for next year."

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