In a dramatic new ad, city comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer touts his education record as governor of New York.

The ad, called "Musical Chairs," begins with children who just returned from summer vacation playing — you guessed it — musical chairs.

The first child left without a chair is a young black girl. When she leaves the game, a voiceover begins, using the game as a symbol to represent state funding for education.

"When school dollars don't go where they're needed, our kids get left out and left behind," the narrator says.


"As governor, Eliot Spitzer provided historic funding for New York City schools. So as comptroller, he’s going to make sure it stays that way," the narrator continues.

Before Spitzer resigned when he was linked to a prostitution scandal after a year in office, his first state budget provided $19.6 billion in education funding in 2007, an increase of 10 percent from the year before. According to old press releases, the allotment was the largest investment in schools in the state's history.

In his first budget to legislature, Spitzer proposed an increase of$1.2 billion in funding for New York City schools.

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