Looks like Newark Mayor Cory Booker has some competition for the title of New Jersey's favorite hero!

Governor Chris Christie flexed his noble muscle today and saved a classroom of terrified children from the dangers of a daunting arachnid.

Christie tweeted earlier in the day that his daughter's 4th grade class was visiting the State House. What began as field trip meant to mold the inquiring minds of our nation's youth, quickly unraveled at the unexpected intrusion of an eight-legged trespasser.

But tough-talking Christie set out once again to prove his bite is just as fierce as his bark - and it was all captured on video, making this tale that much more titillating..


"Where is he?" Christie demanded, as the children crowded a desk where the spider was spotted. "There he is," Christie jeered, before he used his palm to squash the spider, which dared terrorize the children of New Jersey.

The room erupted in applause and the governor was heralded as an immediate hero. Christie basked in the limelight, declaring, "That's the fun part of being a governor. Any bugs on your desk, you get to kill them, and not get in trouble."

Is Christie trying to upstage Newark's mayoral hero Cory Booker, who has literally been known to receive second degree burns while saving people from a burning building?

Is the room for two heroes in New Jersey? Only time will tell...

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