A massive construction blast from ongoing work on the Second Ave. subway line shook the earth and resulted in smoke and broken windows today on the Upper East Side.

The blast happened at approximately 12:45 p.m. this afternoon.

The blast was so strong it knocked out third-story windows and sent
chunks of rock the size of fire hydrants raining down onto the street, according to the New York
Post. People in the area reported being knocked off their feet by the blast.

"It's like the blitz in London in World War II!" neighborhood resident Carol Cusa, told the Post.


Hugo Yanotte lives on the block. He said he's used to the ongoing construction from the subway line, and the noise, but "this was different, massive," he said.

Smoke could be seen pouring out of the street following the blast. Piles of rocks could be seen on the street following the blast.

Here is a video a resident of the area shot of the seconds immediately following the blast:

While the cause of the blast is unknown right now, a press representative for the MTA said workers were excavating rocks near an underground escalator shaft at the 72nd Street station. A planned blast might have “overpopped” and gone above street level, he said.

The MTA has received no reports of injuries, and all workers were accounted for. Construction on the station is suspended pending investigation. The FDNY is now inspecting surrounding buildings for structural damage.

Were you at the scene of the blast? If you have photos of the blast send them to carly.baldwin@metro.us

(Photos by Miles Dixon)

Underground excavation on the Second Avenue subway line can be seen below:

(Photo via Flickr: MTAPhotos)

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