boston mbta crime bicycle theft A surveillance camera captured three men seeking unsecured bicycles at the JFK/UMass MBTA station in May.
Credit: MBTA Transit Police

A would-be bicycle thief who tried to ride off on a bike parked at an MBTA station was foiled by a wheel lock.

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Transit Police on Monday released video of the suspects attempting to steal bicycles from the JFK/UMass Red Line station last week. The video shows a group of three men checking three bikes, finding that two of them are attached and locked to the bicycle rack.


The third bike is not secured to the rack and one of the men removes it, believing it is unsecured. However, when he attempts to pedaled off, the bicycle won't move because of a wheel lock. The man looses his balance and the bicycle tips over. The three men then walk away, leaving the bicycle on the ground.

Transit Police released the video as an advisory to cyclists and urged them to secure their bikes when traveling.

"We would like to remind all of our bicyclists the importanceof utilizing an anti-theft device to secure their bicycles. The video ... illustrates how most thieves will take the path of least resistance,i.e. an unsecured bicycle as opposed a secured bicycle," Transit Police said.

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