In the hope of identifying the assailants,MBTA Transit Police today released video that shows a group of men and women pummeling passengers on a Red Line train.

The fight broke out around 9 p.m. Sunday as the train neared Broadway T Station in South Boston, police said, following a verbal dispute.

Three passengers in total were assaulted - one man and two women. The argument prompted the suspects to attack the original victim, causing two women to intervene. They too were assaulted, police said.


The women had no prior relationship to the first victim, police said, and attempted to ask the men to stop the beating when the suspects turned on them.

The suspects were described as follows:

· White female, blonde hair, 18-25yrs of age, wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt carrying a flowered pocketbook
· White female, Brown hair, 18-25 yrs of age, wearing blue jeans black shirt white scarf, boots and a black purse
· White male, Wearing jeans, royal blue hooded sweatshirt, 15-20 yrs of age
· White male, 30-40 yrs of age wearing a red jacket and green sneakers
· White male, 30-40 yrs of age, wearing blue jeans, black sweater, black shoes, black jacket
· White male, 40-50 yrs of age, short hair, wearing jeans and a grey light weight jacket

The video appears to have been captured by a cell phone. It was uploaded to YouTube.

Anyone with information may contact Transit Police by calling their Criminal Investigations Unit at 617-222-1050.

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