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VIDEO: News anchor Greg Kelly reacts to explicit DMX lyrics live on air

Greg Kelly fails again.

Here's is a prime example when the fun game "Name That Tune" goes terribly wrong.

Fox news anchor Greg Kelly fails again when the station aired explicit rap lyrics from DMX's "Party Up" during a live broadcast of Fox's morning show, Good Day New York.

During the show, co-anchor Rosanna Scotto thought it would be fun to have Kelly identify the song but the game ended short when explicit lyrics were heard on-air. As soon as the part where DMX shouts "suck my dick!" the song cuts off and Kelly appears to be shocked at what he just heard. After a few seconds of awkward silence and light laughter he says "Let's turn that off."


Last week Kelly got himself in trouble for saying creepy comments to a news anchor wearing a bikini while on location at a water park in New Jersey. This is the same person who was involved in a rape case as well. What a guy.

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