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VIDEO: Pahk Ya Cah in Hahvahd Yahd with this Boston anthem

Over the summer a slew of groups started slinging songs around in the city, trying to create a new anthem for the Hub.

Some were sing-y feel good promos like “So Good (the Boston Song)," that celebrated the awesomeness that is being a Bostonian, dropping names of famous spots and sports teams like no other.

Composed by Berklee students Eytan Nicholson and Vince Sneed, in its first two weeks it got 50,000 views online and the creative minds behind it got to perform at multiple city-sponsored events.

Then there was the Fenway song. A throw-back anthem with a hint of Frank Sinatra to it.

Sox fanatic and singer Brian Evans tried to make it happen for that ballad titled “At Fenway.”

Evans’ tune had thousands of hits on YouTube using a guest appearance by lip-synching phenom Keenan Cahill.

Unfortunately, here at Metro, we overlooked one theme song that drops all the R’s in its verses and hits all the hotspots the Hub has to offer.

Enter Haard the band.

In their music video for Harvard Yard (The Boston Anthem), it’s rock and roll meets the heavy Boston accent.

"When it comes down to it, it's all about savoring those good ol' rock 'n' roll moments," says the group on their "About Us" section of their website.

The song flaunts one of the most notable attributes Boston has---its severe lack of R’s.

Even the lyrics flame the R-less speech the country pegs us for.

“What rhymes with Pahk? Noah’s Ahk. Embahked. At Dahk,” are just some of the lyrics, complete with the words displayed on the screen.

Haard, who describes themselves as “not influenced by specific bands, so much as eras that resonate feelings of hope and renewal,” is a trio of rockers from here in Boston.

"[Haard]...gives birth to whimsical tongue and cheek lyrics," according to the group.

Haard's members consist of Patrick Benti on lead vocals and lead guitar, Ed Mortenson the “percussionist extraordinaire” and Jeff Eager on bass.

Two year’s ago they released their debut album "Savour The Flavour."

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