Some employees of the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) got a taste of own medicine recently when a citizen with a cell phone camera confronted the workers who were parked in a "No Stopping Any Time" zone on their lunch break.

The video was shared on

"Excuse me, I'm wondering why you guys are parked illegally...and who's going to write you a ticket?" asks the recorder to the four employees parked in the PPA van.

The man in the passenger seat tells the man recording the video, "We're eating lunch," to which the man asks the employee if he can park his car in a no stopping zone to eat his lunch. The employee says yes.


But then the employee, along with three others in the car, remain quiet — even after the man recording the video asks why they are allowed to stop there when they've already ticketed other people parked illegally.

The man recording the video was met with blank stares.

Philadelphians and the PPA have always had a love/hate relationship, especially in the last five years as the department has been featured in A&E's "Parking Wars," a reality television show that follows traffic enforcement employees who ticket and boot cars parked illegally.

Philadelphia is no longer featured on the show, so maybe it's time some of the employees revisit some reruns to learn the rules of the roads.

When the PPA was reached for comment, they said they had none.

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