Investigators are seeking help from anyone in the area of Tremont and Stuart streets late last month with cell phone video or other images that could help solve a murder.

Stephen Perez, 22, an Army veteran from Revere, was gunned down early April 28 outside a Theater District club.

Police recently released surveillance video from a nearby parking garage that show four men running or quickly walking down a ramp.

"Detectives are specifically interested in learning the identity of the four individuals seen coming down the parking lot ramp in rapid succession," police said. "Investigators believe these individuals may have a connection to Lynn."


Besides seeking the identities of the men, police are also asking for help from anyone in the area of Tremont and Stuart streets between 10 p.m. April 27 and 2 a.m. April 28. Photos or video taken between those times that may include background images could prove helpful. Images from inside the surrounding clubs or restaurants may also be helpful, police said.

Images can be e-mailed to Sgt. Detective Marc Sullivan at

Anyone with information can call 617-343-4470.

The video below was released by Boston police Friday:

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