Police used a stun gun on a Newton woman who they said refused to leave the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua, N.H.


Xiaojie Li, 44, was charged yesterday with criminal trespass and resisting arrest, according to Nashua police arrest records.


Video of the arrest and stun gun use by police was posted online yesterday. The stun gun can be heard followed shortly by Li's screams when police use the stun gun on her.


Li was at the mall yesterday to buy iPhones at the Apple store for her family members in China, her family told WMUR. When store employees told her to leave, she didn't understand what was happening because she doesn't speak English, her family said. That's when police moved in.


Nashua Police Capt. Bruce Hansen said Li refused to leave the store after being asked to by Apple employees. He said she resisted arrest from a police officer for about 15 minutes before the use of the stun gun. He said the officer is still on duty and that the arrest was fairly routine for a resisting case.

The video of the incident, which includes some cursing, can be seen below: