The fight for the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat just got real.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world and Republican Sen. Scott Brown is hitting the campaign trail preparing for the 2012 election with his four-legged furry friends in tow.

In a new section on his campaign website, Brown launched “The Dog Blog,” introducing his two family pets, and discussing the companionship they provide in both the Senate and on the trail.

Brown has begun blogging about his two dogs—Snuggles and Koda—and provided two pages worth of pictures with him getting all cuddly with the creatures.


Brown says on the blog that Snuggles and Koda are “both members of our family, and I am looking forward to their companionship as I spend more time on the campaign trail in Massachusetts in the coming months.”

Democratic front-runner in the race for the Senate seat, Elizabeth Warren, may have a war chest stacked with millions of dollars, but dog-smooching Brown has compassion in the form of Instagram photos.

Who says kissing babies' heads wins votes?

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