[VIDEO] Watch a brawl between an MBTA cop and a fare evader

A Waltham man got more than he bargained for today when he tried to piggyback behind an undercover police officer at Park Street station.

A brawl broke out around 11 a.m. today at Park Street station when a Waltham man who was caught trying to catch a free ride put his hands on an undercover MBTA transit police officer.


Surveillance video shows Michael Cammisaro, 57, trying sneak in behind the plain clothed officer. Transit police said the officer stopped and asked Cammisaro what he was doing, and he responded by shouting, "Move, move, move!"


Police said Cammisaro allegedly physically assaulted the officer by shoving him with both hands, attempting to force him through the fare gates.


The subsequent struggle lasts about a minute, but the officer comes out on top. Cammisaro was charged with assault and battery.


Check out the video below, which also shows bystanders walking through the fare gates, seemingly oblivious.

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