VIDEO: Watch a burrito transform into Suffolk's mascot 'Rammy'

The video promotes a free burrito deal for Suffolk University students.

Ever wonder what a "burrito ram" would look like? How about a "ram burrito"?


Probably not. Anyway, here it is, thanks to 18-year-old Robert Heap, a Suffolk University student who made a video that shows him turning a Boloco vegetable burrito into his school's mascot, "Rammy."


Heap asks his fellow students their opinions on the edible ram, and also takes it for a "ride" on the donkey statue outside the State House.


"We thought we'd just wing it," Heap told Metro today. "It seemed like fun."


Heap is part of the school's Social Media Street Team, a student group that promotes the school and local businesses.

As for Heap's old school bowtie: "It's new. It's something I'm trying out as a fashion statement."

The video description on ">YouTube states:

"Suffolk University's Social Media Street team heads to Boston-based burrito joint Boloco to see if they can turn a burrito into their mascot. Watch as Rammy the burrito comes to life and traverses the world class city of Boston."

Check it out here:

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