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VIDEO: Why you should never skip out on rent (especially if you live in Kensington)

Video shows man walking down the street in his underwear after his landlord apparently changed the locks.

A YouTube video titled "Kensington rent skipper" has surfaced and serves as a public service announcement illustrating why you should never skip out on rent, especially if you live in Kensington.

Like the short film's subject, you may end up wandering down the block in your skivvies while neighbors alternate between mocking and punching you and some guy catches it all on camera.

The user has some other entertaining videos, like "Kensington ppl acting normal." And by "normal," he means "yelling really loud and smacking each other."

Then there's this short capturing what may be the most powerful bicycle stereo system ever created.

Oh, Kensington. Don't ever change.

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