VIDEO: Woman attempts to ride motorized wheelchair up T escalator, takes a tumble

The incident was caught on surveillance video.

MBTA officials say a 56-year old South Boston woman tried to ride what appears to be a motorized wheelchair up an escalator at Broadway Station Friday, but didn't quite make it to the top.


"(She was) not seriously injured. She stood up and walked down the escalator after the incident," said T spokesman Joe Pesaturo, adding that the incident occurred "despite the fact that an elevator was fifty feet away."


Surveillance video caught the woman entering the escalator, and within seconds tumbling backwards and flipping over a few times.


Another rider coming down the escalator is seen tripping over the woman, but then attempting to pull her to her feet as the escalator keeps moving upwards.


Within moments, T workers rush to help the woman, an MBTA bus operator pushed the escalator’s emergency stop button.

The woman appeared to be okay as she walks barefoot down the immobile steps.

Pesaturo said there were no defects with the escalator.


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