Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is expected to weigh on the City Council's proposed pay hikeMetro/Nicolaus Czarnecki

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is close to making a decision regarding the city council's proposed pay hike and he may push for a smaller salary boost, according to his office.


The mayor's office confirmed today that Walsh is leaning toward a smaller salary increase and could make a decision on the matter within the next 48 hours.


Earlier this month, the Boston City Council voted to boost a councilor’s salary from $87,500 to $107,500 Wednesday, but put off the pay increase until after the next election to avoid any legal conflicts of interest.


The council voted in favor of the pay bump 9-4, with Councilors Ayanna Pressley, Matt O’Malley, Michelle Wu and Josh Zakim voting against the increase.


The pay increases are subject to a mayoral veto; Walsh has 15 days to sign off on the proposal or rejected it.


A veto may be a moot point.If the nine votes who voted in favor of the pay hike earlier this month don’t change, the council would have enough support to override a veto.

The salary increases would go into effect January 2016; the next city election will occur in 2015.

Supporters framed the salary bump as overdue; the last council pay increase came eight years ago.

The $107,5000 figure is $5,000 less than City Council President BillLinehan’s original proposal, which he introduced last month.