Here at Metro, we are so claustrophobic that we can't even ride on the 4-5-6 during rush hour without having a panic attack, so we have no idea how 28 people survived being stuck in a subway elevator without one of them freaking out and murdering everybody.

The unfortunate subway riders were trapped in the elevator at the 1 train station at 181st street. Last year, a stalled elevator at the 181st street station on the A line trapped a woman and her husband for three hours. Both stations are very deep underground and have very problematic elevators:


Last year, Metro revealed the worst elevators in the city:

»Elevator No. 183 at Gun Hill Road on the 2/5: Trapped people seven times so far in 2010
»Elevator No. 192 at 233rd Street on the 2/5: Trapped people five times in 2010
»Elevator No. 110 at 181st Street on the 1: Trapped people five times in 2010
»Elevator No. 277 at Columbus Circle: Trapped people five times
»Elevator No. 320 at Church Avenue on the 2/5: Trapped people three times in 2010 (via New York Post)

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